PIT STOP Used Car Sales Okinawa


All privately owned vehicles in Japan are required to pass an inspection by law in Japan. This inspection is commonly called the JCI (Japanese Compulsory Inspection).
This inspection is required every two years for vehicles older than 2 – 3 years.
At PIT STOP Used Car Sales we provide this inspection at no additional cost to our customers with the purchase of any vehicle(s) that requires an initial inspection.

PIT STOP provides the best price for JCI.

We have two types of inspections which are:
Garage JCI
Here we perform the required GOJ 60-point check.
This inspection backed by our GOJ License and it is guaranteed.
User JCI
Only mandatory repairs required to pass GOJ Inspection will be performed.
There is no warranty. This inspection will only be accomplished if the customers request it.

SOFA personnel (U.S. Military, DoD, and other affiliated personnel on orders to Japan) have an additional requirement to pass the base inspection. This Inspection is accomplished at the Joint Vehicle Registration Office, Camp Foster Okinawa Japan.