Quality Used Car Sales

What we offer:
  1. Match down payment and discount off the sticker price (Up to $1000)
  2. 0% financing up to 18 months; 90-days payment, same as cash; cash discount
  3. 2-yrs of JCI and current road taxes included with the vehicle purchase
  4. Quick and efficient one-stop vehicle registration processing
  5. Free use of loaner vehicles;
  6. Special Order Program (pick which vehicle you desire and we get it for you)
  7. Trade-in value up to $1,000.00 with only $500.00 down
  8. Personal checks welcome
  9. English speaking staff
  10. Personalized customer service


One-Stop Auto Repair Center
We have licensed mechanics that will help you maintain your vehicle.
We specialize in
  1. Engine Maintenance & Repairs
  2. Auto Body Repairs / Painting
  3. Window Tinting
  4. Recharging or replacement of Battery
  5. Braking System Maintenance & Repairs
  6. Transmission Repairs & Replacement
  7. Electrical System Maintenance & Repairs
  8. AC System Maintenance, Repairs & Parts Replacement
  9. Stereo System Installation (used cars customers only)
  10. Parts & Accessories Orders
  11. Claims Estimates

Other Services

  1. Government of Japan (GOJ) Inspections (initial/renewal)
  2. Vehicle Registration, De-registration & Disposal (junking)
  3. Towing/Wrecker Service
  4. Title Transfers
  5. American Insurance (ACE)
  6. Analysis and Estimates(for a nominal fee)
  7. Undercoating