PIT STOP Used Cars Sales Okinawa

Road Taxes

  • At PIT STOP Used Car Sales, we pay the current road taxes; with your initial purchase of a vehicle from our lot.
  • By law, all vehicle owners are required to pay road taxes each year to the Government of Japan (GOJ).
  • Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), Japan U. S. military, Department of Defense (DOD) and affiliated personnel who have privately owned vehicles (POVs) are also required to pay road taxes each year; normally at a reduced rate. The rates are established by the GOJ and must be paid in yen (Japanese currency).
  • Even if a vehicle is inoperable or being repaired road taxes still must be paid; unless, the vehicle is deregistered.
  • Proof of payment of road taxes and proper registration papers must be maintained in the vehicle; whenever the vehicle is operated.
  • Of course, road taxes vary with the size of the vehicle, type of vehicle, engine size, etc… To obtain current road tax information please contact the Joint Vehicle Registration Center on Camp Foster, Okinawa Japan or GOJ.